Job Coach - 2nd Chance Program (Full Time)


  1. Bachelor's degree in counseling, social work, education or related social science preferred
  2. Experience in providing direct assistance to persons in supported employment placements and to their employers 
  3. Must be assertive and have ability to communicate effectively with trainees and company personnel.
  4. Ability to relate to, communicate with, and work with a diverse population and understand the issues relating to such population
  5. Competency with Microsoft Office ’97, including Word and Excel
  6. Ability to relate well with others, a team player with a positive can do attitude
  7. Must be customer service oriented
  8. Must be able to tolerate and handle stressful situations in a calm and professional manner.
  9. Knowledge of available community resources a plus.


Planning / Preparation

  • Develop and present client orientation materials.
  • Provide individualized vocational counseling.
  • Develop job positions in the private sector suited to consumer’s needs.
  • Develop job training plans for each consumer.
  • Develop, maintain, and utilize a community resource file.
  • Secure accurate job descriptions for job openings and matching consumer’s skills and qualifications for the job.

Program Management

  • Maintain individual files on each consumer, including on-the-job attendance and job performance evaluations that are done by employers.
  • Maintain records and reports
  • Manage time effectively.
  • Assist in maintaining security of records.
  • Provide appropriate training, as consumer requires.
  • Conduct follow-up on placements to determine consumer's progress and job retention.
  • Provide follow-up counseling when requested by either employer or consumer, after job placement.

Assessment Assistance

  • Assist in evaluating each consumer upon entry.
  • Monitor progress
  • Assist in evaluating program effectiveness and suggest means of improvement.

Service Delivery

  • Facilitate the delivery of prescribed work experience curriculum to consumers identified for the program.
  • Provide individualized instruction to each consumer in those areas where weaknesses are diagnosed.
  • Place consumers at work sites appropriate for their training plan and the employer’s need.
  • Provide extended on-site job coaching for consumers if needed.
  • Prepare and maintain requested / required reports and records.


  • Visit work sites weekly for contact with consumers and supervisor / employer.
  • Work closely with teachers and other professionals.
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Training and Development

  • Participate in training sessions and in-service.
  • Assist others in understanding the program.
  • Determine career goals, conduct a personal assessment, and develop a systematic plan including goals and timetables.

Responsibilities and Ethics

  • Maintain confidentiality of consumer information.
  • Use effective, positive interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrate integrity through ethical behavior.
  • Carry out job responsibilities in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Recognize and remain sensitive to the individual needs and differences of consumers.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Attend all Urban League of Rochester events and fund raising functions.